The next frontier in managing risks


Disruptive innovations can arrive at any time, from any direction. They have the potential to unravel the assumptions that make your business viable. But for the companies that keep an eye on the horizon, disruptions also carry the seeds of opportunity.

Instead of fearing the next disruption, what if you were poised to exploit it? The telephone, the computer, overnight delivery – in each case, someone was first to embrace the implications. What is the “next next” thing, and how will you respond?

In a new column for Best’s Review, Deloitte LLP Global Insurance Regulatory Leader Howard Mills defines a new evolution in the race against risk.

Just as Enterprise Risk Management replaced old piecemeal approaches, the next standard – Strategic Risk Management – has arrived to arm companies with the awareness, analysis, and agility they need to turn strategic threats into competitive advantage. You can read the entire post here.

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