Investment company reporting modernization

On October 13, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted new forms, rules, and amendments to modernize the current reporting and disclosure requirements of certain Registered Investment Companies (RICs).

As the primary regulator of the investment management industry, the SEC continually identifies opportunities to address growth and complexity in the industry. In addition, as RICs grow they will continue to innovate through the introduction of new products, fund types, and strategies. While the industry has experienced unprecedented growth, the environment in which investment managers operate has also evolved. Specifically, the introduction of secure, easily accessible data sources such as the cloud, firm web portals, and other automated web-based solutions have emerged as primary tools for sharing and analyzing information. Harnessing this available technology can help the SEC consume data from RICs in a more streamlined fashion, leading to enhanced aggregation and dissemination capabilities. The combination of a growing and complex industry and the cutting-edge technology designed to support it has led the SEC to adopt a rule which modernizes the current reporting regime by improving the quality of data provided to investors and helping regulators collect and analyze fund data more efficiently.

The below graphic illustrates the specific drivers behind the SEC’s rule to increase reporting regulations.


Learn more about the SEC’s new investment company reporting modernization rules by reading Deloitte Advisory’s full report.

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