To assess compliance, look beyond the rules


I recently moderated at an interactive discussion on evaluating compliance programs at Deloitte’s Cross-Industry Compliance Leadership Summit, where compliance executives from a variety of industries compared notes on the methodologies and metrics they use to measure their efforts.

“If my compliance program prevents, that’s great,” one attendee stated. “If it fails to prevent but detects, that’s okay too. Where it ultimately fails is if there’s management inaction.”

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Building relationships with regulatory agencies


Posted by Peter Reynolds on February 19, 2015.

When a number of C-level compliance officers joined me recently for a discussion about their relationships with regulatory agencies, it was more than a meeting, it was an education. That’s because we had two regulators with us, and the give and take between them and among the other Compliance officers—the candor, and constructive input—could serve as a model for regulatory interactions all year round.

The occasion was Deloitte’s Cross-Industry Compliance Leadership Summit. Chief Compliance Officers from energy, healthcare, finance, retail, and other sectors all took part, as did Jim Sheehan from the New York State Attorney General’s office and Carlo di Florio, Chief Risk Officer of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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On SDR reconciliation, energy companies find reasons to exceed requirements

On SDR reconciliation, energy companies find reasons to exceed requirementsPosted by Mike Prokop, Director, Deloitte & Touche LLP

At a panel discussion I recently facilitated on swap data repository (SDR) reconciliation, fewer than half the energy industry attendees said they have a solution in place for that function. Still, at least one participant said reconciling data in the SDR is a good idea because it enhances end-users’ understanding of the information being reported and serves as an internal risk mitigation measure. Our October 3, 2014 discussion was part of Deloitte’s Dodd-Frank Compliance Leadership Academy.

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