Deloitte hosts its Cross-Industry Compliance Leadership Summit

Deloitte recently held its 4th annual Cross-Industry Compliance Leadership Summit at the Deloitte University campus in Westlake, TX. The Summit convened over two dozen chief compliance officers (CCOs) and senior compliance leaders representing a range of industries, including health care, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

The first night of the summit showcased emerging technologies during an interactive networking reception, and allowed CCOs to see firsthand how to leverage them to enhance their corporate compliance programs. Participants spent the second day of the program with industry specialists and their peers, discussing their own experiences in operating compliance programs.

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5 insights on how robotics can drive financial services compliance modernization

Using innovation to lead, navigate risks and opportunities, and disrupt the status quo

Robotic process automation (RPA) is quickly transforming middle- and back-office operations in financial services institutions. Robots (bots) that are at the heart of RPA have been used in the past to mimic rules-based, process oriented human execution activities (e.g., document gathering, data retrieval, calculations), thereby automating workflow and decision-making for a variety of processes, including loan origination and collections. Recently, however, RPA has been implemented more widely across institutions to help drive efficiency and effectiveness. And the benefits are already apparent. By embracing complexity and leveraging this technology in new ways, financial services companies are accelerating their corporate performance (see Benefits of RPA).

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Compliance modernization is no longer optional

How evolved is your approach?

More than just a cost of doing business. To Chief Compliance Officers, it’s a refrain they’ve heard for years: a challenge, an ambition, and perhaps a sliver of veiled insult. Few dispute that the resources an organization devotes to keeping out of trouble have the potential to contribute far more than they traditionally have.

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Modernizing risk & compliance and Regulation YY implementation

In our previous blogs on foreign banking organizations (FBOs), we highlighted our thoughts on some of the next set of challenges for large FBOs following the July 1, 2016 compliance deadline to establish Intermediate Holding Companies (IHCs). We recognize the long road to operationalizing run-the-bank (RtB) processes has just begun and the true “use” tests of the IHCs and their combined US Operations will be unfolding for some time. FBOs have experienced a significant period of change for more than three years, and the baton has now been passed from large change programs to implementation programs. The focus has shifted to embedding the IHC/Regulation YY requirements into businesses to execute, control functions (i.e., second line functions) to monitor and test, and internal audit to validate.

It is critical that FBOs operationalize and then sustain their RtB processes, and reinforce and/or enhance the Three Lines of Defense (3 LoD) governance models currently in place. The ability of these functions working end-to-end and across siloes to do their jobs will be a critical point for enabling risk identification, monitoring and mitigation, ensuring a robust risk and compliance culture, and providing a US-centric view of the FBO’s operations and risk profile. The regulatory spotlight, especially over the course of the next year, will be on risk, compliance and internal audit, and the effectiveness of these second and third lines of defense to identify whether the processes are working.

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